Monday, August 8, 2011


Be joyful in hope, patient in affection, and faithful in prayer.
                                           Romans 12:12

GAWITH, PAM, (wife of Karl), Tulsa, OK, (brother of Rick) was admitted to the Osteopathic Hospital downtown Tuesday midnight for observation of heart difficulties. She went through tests yesterday (Wednesday) and I was just informed a bit ago that the doctors said “it isn’t looking good.” Those were the words I was given. She has not had a heart attack, but she is definitely having some heart difficulties. They plan to do a heart catheterization Friday morning. Please add her, my brother and their family to your prayers. She is frightened and depressed and in need of prayers that God will give her strength through this tough period. Your prayers on their behalf would be greatly appreciated
HARRIS, JOHN, 1231 Sunset Point Rd #A, Clearwater FL 33755, would like your prayers for his life:  He is on seven days of fasting and prayer for his financial condition, and his personal life.  He is asking God direction and guidance on his finances and also for God's help finding a Godly Proverbs 31 woman to become his wife.  He thanks you for your prayers in advance.
SLOAN, MICHAEL (MIKE), 8019 Hwy 82, Texarkana AR 71854 was involved in an autobile crash on Monday.  His vehicle as a loss, but no one was injured (except cuts and bruses) in either vehicle.  He would like your prayers for God's help in obtaining suitable transportation.   Thank you for your prayers.
ZEEK, JUDY (CREECH), wants to thank each and every one of you who have had her in your prayers.  Unfortunately the news isn't good.  “I have cancer of the uterus, and surgery will be done within 2 weeks.  I am to go to the Dr. who will be doing the surgery probably real soon, as my OB called from the office for an appointment as I was leaving her office today.  She doesn't know how advanced it is, but the uterus wall is about 1 1/4" thicker  than it should be.  She didn't know how wide spread the cancer is and they can only tell that after surgery.  Radiation and or chemo has already been mentioned. Please pray that neither one will be necessary.   I am in shock and disbelief right now to say the least.  I would certainly appreciate your continued prayers.   Love to All    Judy Creech Zeek”   Please join with Judy in God’s blessing on this surgery and illness.

LEWIS,VICKIE,  (SILof Toni Richardson, COG Mobile), 4 Plantation, Covington, LA 70433, - hip replacement surgery 7/22 UPDATE:  Vickie Surgery went well. Recuperating at home. Thank you all for the prayers.

PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY!!    (2 Chronicles 7:14)


ALBRIGHT, BILL, Ava MO area, - cancer
ALEXANDER, KAREN, 53, Selma AL – returned cancer
ALEXANDER, SHARON, 5021 Lincoln Oaks Dr S #1602, Fort Worth TX 76132 – fibromyalgia
ALLEN, TOMMY, 12321 18th Ave., Tyler TX 75708 - final stages of thyroid cancer
ANDERSON, GARY, 3 Christmas Drive, Casa AR 72025 – gall bladder surgery –
ANDERSON, JANICE, - Lou Gehrig’s Disease
ARMOUR, KELLY, from Michigan - advanced lung cancer. .
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT, Hot Springs Area – pancreatic cancer.
BALES, STEPHINE, granddaughter of Dave and Fran Hope of Tulsa – strep infection – Immune disorder
BENNETT, LOUISE, Nashville AR – lung cancer metasticized to left pelvic bone
BETTS, EVELYN, Clarendon AR – Leukemia
BIRK, MONICA, miscarriage – concerned about blood clots, progressing well.
BISH, SAM, 8, 7271 Saddletree Ct, Reynoldsburg OH 43068 – Stage 4 osteosarcoma
BLANKS, BRYAN, prostate problems and perseution
BOND, LIBBY, - CMT (a dystrophy plus autoimmune disorder.
BURTON, ODNA, Kentucky - Brain cancer
BYRNES, JAKEY – Friedreich’s Ataxia and hyperthyroidism
CARTER, SUSAN, 173 April St, Mobile AL 36608 – fibromyalgia and other ailments
CLINE, JUDY, a cousin of Bob Mebane of Mt. Pleasant OK – last stages cancer
COFFIN, SHEILA, PO Box 37, Hancock ME 04640 – inoperable cancer.
COLE, CHARLES, of Madison, WI - esophagus cancer
DEAN, TONY, - esophageal cancer stage 4
DEGRAFF, RON, of West Medford NJ – Lou Gehrig’s Disease
DILWORTH, ELOISE, sister of Allie Dart - tumor on colon and liver; surgery
DIPLEY, CANDICE – stomach and anxiety problems
DUVE’, SANDY, Kentucky – Lymphoma
ENGLEMAN, CONNIE, Fort Worth TX – thyroid cancer, tumor in brain
FLEMMING, DON, of Springfield, MO - prostate cancer
FLOYD, BILL – prostate cancer
HARPER, ROCKY, 255 CR 3160, Cookville TX 75558, son of Sue Caughfield – Hepatitus C
HARRELL, CARRIE, a friend of Margo Bleasdale - uterine fibroid tumors prayers.
HINTON, WAYNE,  PO Box 1398, Allen TX 75013 – battle with femur cancer
HORNER, GAYLE, Oklahoma City OK – neuropathy in extremities
HORTER, HAROLD, of Pennsylvania – esophagus cancer, chemo
HUNNICUTT, JERRY,  Daytona Beach FL - bladder cancer surgery recovery
HUOT, BRANDY  - Multiple Sclerosis
IRELAND, JEANNE, Gulfstream FL – painful, crippling arthritis.
IRELAND, JOHN, Gulfstream FL – spinal and metabolic problems.
JENKINSON, DAVID, 215 N 131 Rd, Mounds OK 74047 – throat cancer
JOHNSON, ROCKY, Hot Springs area – brain & lung cancer
KENDALL, JUDY, Unit 95/56 Carrs Rd, Neath, NSW 2326 AUSTRALIA – Lou Gherig Disease
KENYON, MARK, Cabot AR – brittle diabetes, cirrhosis of liver, other ailments
KIMBRO, CHARLES, 88, Kentucky – cancer of skull, nose and eye
MEBANE, SALLY, knee surgery recovery
MEDLIN, LINDA,  cancer, chemo
MERRITT, DOUG & CONNIE – Connie, lung cancer and Doug, colon cancer
MONTOYA, SUSAN, Waco TX -  brain cancer
MORAN, JAMES L, of Big Sandy TX - colon cancer, on chemo.
MORAN, LAURA, Tyler TX – Sjogren’s Syndrome (immune system),
MORAN, TIM, 51, California – prostate cancer
OLIVIA, granddaughter of Jeff Christmas – premature birth problems
PEAVY, DANIEL,  113 Brighton Ct, Dothan AL 36305 – Parkinson’s Disease
PETERSON, LISA, Tulsa OK – Leukemia
PIERSON, ANDY, 6440 Quebec, Tulsa OK 741236 – Stage 2 Colon Cancer
PORTER, HAROLD – cancer, esophogaeal and chemo.
POWELL, DAVID, 1702 E 6th St, Mt. Pleasant TX 75455 – Lou Gherig’s disease
RAMSEY, JUDY, 901 Collins Rd, Ozark MO 65712 – cancer
RHODES, ETHAN, 6, - leukemia
RITTENGER, CHUCK – lung cancer
RUST, CAROL, a friend of Joe and Betty Chikar - cancer.
SANDLAND, DAVID, 5, Ewing Close. Coffs Harbour. 2450. NSW, AUSTRALIA,. -  massive Myeloma cancer allover.
SANDY, friend of Maria Rodeghiero in Georgia - stage 4 cancer
SASS, KARA,15, granddaughter of Sue Caughfield – protein deficiency
SCHULTZ, SANDY, Pocahontas AR area – liver cancer
SCOTT, LINDA, 8133 Deerview Cir, Granbury TX 76049 – bladder cancer
SHAW, LAUREN, Tyler TX - depression
SMITH, JAMES AND RODNEY, Dayton, OH, brothers of Bill and Connie Smith of Gilmer TX – both testing for blood in kidneys
SMITH, MICHAEL, 17639 S 49th W Ave, Mounds OK, 74047,  “giant pimple on stomach”.  No prognosis as yet…
SPRADLING, PATTI, 559 N Elm #A, Adams, WI 53910 – colon cancer
STEFFEN, ROY, 608 Penn National Rd, Seffner FL 33584 – Stage 2 multiple Myeloma
STRINGFIELD, DOTTIE, 215 Plum Creek Dr, Longview TX 75605 – bone cancer
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH, 9, Kentucky - Leukemia
TAYLOR, W.T. (Bill), 120 Mountain View Dr, Hot Springs AR 71913 - cancer
TEITRO, RICK, Missouri - cancer.
WINTERS, REGGIE, - bladder cancer
WITT, SAMUEL, 5, - Sensory Processing Disorder (immune system)
WYNKOOP, MEL - Parkinson’s Disease


STOVER, PAT, in NC, stage 4 brain cancer – Pat passed away comfortably on July 22nd having never revived from the coma she had gone into.  Her family wishes to gratefully thank all those who prayed for her well-being and theirs.  It meant a great deal to them to know that so many were lifting them up in prayer.  Thank you all and God bless.  Please ask God’s support and peace for her family and friends who will miss her.